Dr Andrè Hardang

Chiropractor MChiro DC

I first took an interest in chiropractic when my grandfather injured his back. I attended Chiropractic appointments with him and was instantly interested in all aspects of his treatment. Watching my grandfather’s symptoms subside as a result of the treatment he received gave me the urge to pursue Chiropractic as a career. To help others feel relief from their symptoms and pain and allow them to carry on with their daily lifestyle free from discomfort is something I strive to do.

I studied for one year in Oslo and continued my education in Wales for 4 years, graduating from the Welsh institute of Chiropractic. Prior to studying in Oslo I completed a year of training with the military in my home country of Norway. During this I learnt what the human body can endure and how everybody experiences pain differently. I’m able to apply this understanding to your chiropractic treatment allowing me to provide a treatment plan that is specific to each individual patient.

I take a particular interest in shoulder cases, as this is something I have come across commonly with handball and volleyball which are a passion of mine. Other hobbies of mine include martial arts, strength training and skiing.

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