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Titleist Performance Institute

At Harborne Chiropractic Clinic we offer a unique golf specific functional assessment. Invented by an American Chiropractor Greg Rose it has been utilised by some of the biggest names in golf. It has been proven to be so beneficial that Titleist have put their name to it and have started training golf professionals and medical professionals so it is accessible to all levels of golfers. Known as the Titleist Performance Institute or TPI it is the world leader in golf evaluation, injury prevention and game improvement.

Dr Guy Falco qualified as a Level 1 TPI Certified fitness professional at the Belfry in 2012 and has been utilising his skills and Chiropractic knowledge to help all levels of golfers.

The Titleist Performance Instutute Certified screening involves an 11 step process that will highlight any weaknesses or limitations in your biomechanics that are having a detrimental effect on your golf swing or causing pain and injury. The screen is also a great predictor of what swing faults you will have.


Golf is a sport that requires strength, flexibility and endurance, any of your bodies biomechanical limitations or imbalances will have a negative effect on your golf swing and game in general.

This S-shape posture during setup of the golf swing puts excessive stress on the muscles and spine. Not only will it lead to pain but also will affect the golf swing leading to a loss of posture or reverse spine angle on the back swing. This means the lower body will be out of sequence on the downswing and will typically cause two different types of miss-hits, the block to the right and a hook to the left.

The number one cause of this posture is called Lower Crossed Syndrome. This is essentially a grouping of weak muscles combined with overactive or tight muscles. One such cause of this muscle imbalance is due to prolonged static posture, such as sitting at a desk all day.

The team at the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) encourages golf professionals to work alongside chiropractors and fitness trainers to detect and correct these limitations giving you the best chance of performing optimally on the course.

We have teamed up with the Greg Lynch Golf Academy to further help golfers achieve a better swing.

GL Golf Academy

Located at Warley Woods golf Club and Wast hills Golf Centre Greg and his team can use their wealth of experience to improve your golf swing.

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