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Our clinic is built mostly on referrals, we pride ourselves on what we do and how we go about it. It is important to us that our patients are happy to recommend us to loved ones, friends and colleagues.

The following are genuine testimonials from some of our many satisfied clients.

(Neck & Headache Sufferer)

The first time I went to see Lizzy was in August and I was in a bad way. I had been suffering for at least 4 years with headaches, a really stiff neck, sore shoulders and lower back pain.

I didn’t quite know what to expect at first? I needn’t have worried at all. Lizzy was fantastic with me, and put me at ease almost straight away. On my first visit Lizzy gave me a complete and thorough neuro-orthopedic examination, a complete description of the problems I had been putting up with, and a full and comprehensive treatment plan. I am now feeling much better and off painkillers as well. Which is a miracle all things considered!

Chris Huson
Chris Huson
09:15 03 Dec 16
With the use of both manipulation and soft tissue work they have achieved results surpassing any previous treatment centres I have been to for my 30 year struggle with neck pain, highly recommended and totally worth the cost of treatment. I am currently the most comfortable I remember being because of this treatment in just a few sessions. Thank you!
samwelo cluck
samwelo cluck
12:59 22 Apr 16
Phenomenal patient care. Reassuring and attentive, Tom listened to me and then explained how he could help me in a clear and understandable way. A bench mark in modern health care. Two thumbs up.
Marc Spencer
Marc Spencer
11:45 21 Apr 16
Recently went to Will for a sports massage and treatment. He was very professional and very helpful. Would highly recommend his services to anyone and will definitely be using him again. Marc
Tim Dowse
Tim Dowse
13:54 20 Apr 16
I have recently started having sports massage and rehab sessions for an injury I picked up last year from running. Will continues to give a friendly and professional service that is helping me no end. Would recommend greatly.
Tarryn van der Spuy
Tarryn van der Spuy
09:31 28 Apr 16
Fantastic chiropractor! So pleased with the outcome after only a few treatments on my low back. Definitely would recommend
Roy Fullerton
Roy Fullerton
20:57 28 May 14
I was apprehensive about visiting a chiropractor, but had been in moderate to severe pain for several months. I took the plunge eventually and was absolutely amazed at the results immediately. I have been attending the clinic for a few weeks now and each time feel additional benefit, so much so that I am probably more mobile and pain free than I have been for several years - I just wish I had been more adventurous sooner. Both Guy and Lizzy are extremely pleasant, friendly and professional people and immediately inspire confidence as soon as you meet them (even though do appear to be so young!!) The best advice I can give if you are experiencing muscular skeletal pain, is don't suffer it like I did, Contact Lizzy or Guy for a consultation and let them work their magic. Many thanks to you both.
kane duffy
kane duffy
19:05 31 Jan 16
After being in pain for 2years thinking i just must be getting old even tho i am only in my late 20's , i gave Guy at the Clinic a try and well for the last year i have felt better than i have for years, top bloke and very proffesional. Thanks.
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I went to see Guy just over two weeks ago with lower back pain and a problem with my right knee, both of which made walking, and particularly golf very uncomfortable. Like many a golfer, I had resorted to using Iboprufen to help me get through a round. Guy immediately suggested that I actually had a problem with my hip, and after a short consultation started to work on me. After a couple of visits, where he only gave me a deep massage treatment, he then started some gentle adjustments. After just two weeks, I am pleased to say that I am walking without a limp, I am completing 18 holes of golf without a problem and for the first time in over a year, I am actually playing to my handicap. Many thanks Guy.

Mrs M (Busy Mum)

I first went to Lizzy just after Christmas 2012. I was in so much pain I couldn’t function. The pain ran down my neck and across my shoulders. Lizzy diagnosed Thorasic Outlet Syndrome and I began treatment. Lizzy has a friendly attentive approach that allows you to put your trust in her. Her treatments ranged from simple adjustments to stretching and the use of acupuncture. 6 Months on I’m virtually pain free and back running a very busy life!

Lizzy first treated Shannon after a fall at school. Shannon is a National swimmer and her fall was 2 days before South East Regional Swimming Championships. Lizzy treated her and although she couldn’t do Regionals the pain she was in was significantly relieved. When 12 months later Shannon hurt her shoulder she wanted to see Lizzy. She was fantastic and through adjustments, massage and acupuncture Lizzy got Shannon through Regional Championships, swimming three National Qualifying Times

Craig W
(Sciatica Sufferer)

When I went for my first appointment with Lizzy, I had been having Physio treatment for Sciatica, which had had no affective on my condition. I must confess to being slightly sceptical of Chiropractic treatment but within a few minutes of meeting Lizzy, she had already explained my condition and how it could be treated and she gave me total confidence in her and the process.

After a few sessions there was a significant improvement, which was fully down to her knowledge and understanding of the body. She also has a wonderful caring air about her and she takes your ailments personally and her determination to help you get better is infectious.

I am now well on the way to recovery and her guidance to my rehabilitation has been wonderful, she has be a godsend to my mental and physical health.

I am now fully converted to chiropractic treatment and this is down to Lizzy and her skills

Mr D
(Cycling Enthusiast)

I have been seeing Guy for the last couple of years for a number of problems, including a bad back, neck, knee and foot, not all caused by cycling! I can not recommended Guy enough, the care and advice he gives has always been brilliant and not to mention that he had to practically put me back together again after my Lands End to John O’Groats Bike ride!

Adam B,
(GB Aussie Rules Player)

From the moment I met her, delivering postural check-ups in the workplace, Lizzy made me feel totally comfortable and confident that she could help with my problems. She quickly diagnosed and very effectively treated conditions which were causing me great pain and discomfort, leading to complete recovery from each, and has become my go to person for any sort of injury or niggle. I have recommended Lizzy to members of my family and colleagues and sincerely endorse her to anyone who needs treatment or has questions about aches and pains

Rach M
Long time desk worker)

When I came to Lizzie I was truly broken. I had head, neck and shoulder issues that meant that I took a lot of pain killers and diazepam. I also had tennis elbow which had prevented me from playing golf (…go figure!) for nearly a year, and I had an upper arm injury caused by a handbag.

I had visited two other professionals (a chiro and a physio) over the course of the previous 12 months but neither had been able to ‘sort me out’. Then, as if by some miracle, Lizzie put her finger on the problem(s) during the first assessment/treatment session.

Three months on, I am playing golf, the handbag injury has gone and most importantly of all, I am no longer taking pain killers to ‘mask’ the neck/head problem. The problem isn’t completely sorted yet, but I realise that it’s going to take more than 3 months to ‘undo’ the damage caused by sitting at a desk for 33 years.

Lizzie has improved my quality of life and I am so very thankful for her pain-relieving skills that ‘put me back together

Mr H, Keen

I can’t recommend Guy highly enough. After being in constant pain for more than 2 years on and off and trying several different options of pain management from acupuncture and massage, high dependency on pain killers to intensive physio I decided to look at going to a private Chiropractic clinic. I was more than impressed with the initial thorough assessment I received and the following course of treatment. The treatment has meant that I have progressed from someone who was finding it difficult to walk up the stairs, bend down and walk more than a few metres, to a person who is able to do all of those things and much more. I still receive treatment but have also learnt to listen to my body and understand my limits. Most importantly I am now living without constant pain, in fact to be in pain is a surprise. Thank you Guy, you have made a huge difference to the quality of my life

Mrs B

I’d been in some pain with carpal tunnel due to my job and I chose chiropractic when the only other option facing me seemed to be surgery. I have not looked back and wish I had opted for this therapy sooner! Guy clearly explained why the problem was not going away and not only how he was going to help me but also how I could help myself. Within one treatment I had my first proper night’s sleep in over a year and more importantly was able to return to work. My wrist is definitely on the mend now, a few months down the line, thanks to Guy


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